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To transport means to move the goods from one place to another. The main mediums of transport are by air, land, water and rail. Transportation plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. No industry can move forward, without a proper and nominal transport system. It has its importance in our daily lives also. People of a country also need well-versed transportation to meet their moving need of the household and business. The process of producing and distributing of goods and services in the industrial sector is not complete without proper transport. Thus, in the modern economy, transporting is fueling the nation’s progress wheel. In the field of air, land and rail transport, Parivahan Transport Corporation is a well-known company for decades.


Logistics is the subject that eases a complex operation with the ultimate implementation of a logical approach. It usually means information flow integration, material handling, manufacturing, packaging, inventory, transport, warehousing, and often safety too. Every logistics company track their time and location for their every move. Parivahan Transport Corporation control every logistic step by their strong level of experience and ability. We manage with the expertise to keep track of their every transportation. We do it without any delay and discharge our obligation minutely. Our world-class packing and planing are the key factors that we deliver our responsibility at the right time and right place. Timely delivery is another reason that people trust us and refer to others. It helps us to grow our business.

Supply chain management:-

Supply chain management is a very important process involving the sending of materials to an organization, the processing of materials, and the transfer of products from the organization to the customer. These functions are largely handed over to other companies that can more effectively discharge the actions. Supply chain management is meant to promote trust and coordination between supply chain stakeholders. There is a strong chain management system in Rio Logistic. When we need to provide you with an efficient service, we join hands with others here. Like that, we take the help of large car containers to move the expensive vehicles. There's also a good understanding of our technicians who represent you in different units.


A warehouse is a commercial building specially built to store products. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, etc. Usually they are large plain buildings built in industrial areas. In the field of logistics and relocation, transportation and storage facilities are equally important. We also specifically designed a warehousing system with provisions of fire prevention and high safety requirements. Our organization also provides sufficient parking facilities for all types of vehicles, including container trucks. Within active warehouse management programs, our facility is managed and monitored. The plans include premises maintenance, pest control steps, protocols for fire protection and other safety measures that are required.

Air Cargo:-

Operation of air freight shipments is the movement and delivery of merchandise through an air carrier that can be chartered or private. These deliveries go to anywhere aircraft can operate and land from business and passenger air windows.

The Advantages of Air Freight Shipping:-

Air freight's express shipping options make it a valuable option to coordinate time-sensitive shipments to nearly anywhere in the world. This can be especially helpful to small and medium-sized companies as it helps them to compete quickly and effectively in international trade. Air freight often provides the benefit of a high level of safety because cargo monitors at the airport are handled closely.

Rail Transport:-

Rail transport is also referred to as transport by trains. It is a means of transportation, on vehicles running on tracks (rail or rail). It is one of the most powerful, widely used and cost-effective forms for long, as well as short distances, transportation for commutes and items. Since this system runs on rails and wheels made of metal (usually steel), it has an intrinsic advantage of lower frictional resistance which allows to add further load in terms of wagons or carriages. This system is referred to as a train. Trains are usually powered by an electric or diesel engine locomotive. When there are many path networks, sophisticated signaling mechanisms are used. Rail transport is also one of the fastest ground transportation modes.